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Friday, September 4, 2015

Hello....Is It Me You're Looking For???

I currently feel like my blog followers are thinking this...

I have been away for far too long on here and for those who actually follow me I apologize. This past year was the best of my teaching career so far but quite possibly the hardest personally. Leaving me no time or motivation to blog. This year I have made a promise to blog more and actually show you what is going on in MRS. OLSON'S KINDERGARTEN! 

First things first ....the classroom reveal.
This year we have a SCHOOL WIDE Superhero theme! Each grade level/class was asked to decorate the halls with a superhero theme in mind! It is so neat to see how the theme has bubbled over from outside the classroom to inside the classroom, lunchroom and a lot of other areas of the school!! We call ourselves the Dynamic "Super" DAWGS. We are currently tying our superhero theme into our RON CLARK inspired houses/family kick-off this Friday. I will post more on that later. Onto the reveal....
Here is our Character Ed board that Kindergarten put up in the lunchroom. We were assigned - Making Good Choices. My teammate and I made our own iPad with apps related to good choices such as: exercise, being in school, math, music, reading, healthy eating choices, recycling, being a superhero, and being a good friend. Our title was To Be a Good Superhero iPick Good Choices. It was "super" time consuming but worth it in the end.
Quite possibly my favorite SUPERHERO themed decorations we did this year were the outside bulletin boards. Sarah and I decided to do coordinating colors this year instead of matching and I love the way it turned out. The city......was very time consuming but after 4 weeks of school it's still standing! :) 
This is my side of the outer SUPER city. We now have work hanging on the clothespins for display! It's so fun out here. A city where "SUPER" work is shown!
I love love love this door. I am one of the only ones in the building who has 2 doors to the classroom, so I am always challenged to think of 2 different door decors each year. This year I decided to cover the door in fabric and line it with glitter border. I made this HUGE wreath with the original thought of having a WONDER WOMAN symbol in the middle but I can't find one ANYWHERE!! It's such a fun door!!

Hero HEADQUARTERS is where the kids keep their backpacks, etc each day. It's their "spot" to store all their super needs! The burlap border and chevron wrapping paper has survived 3 years :) The puffs and banner just added cuteness!!

Here are my ever famous cubbies. These things have blown up on Pinterest. They are crates from Walmart that are screwed into the wall on 2x4's. You can also zip tie them together. Inside their cubby is their personalized Superhero image. I tried to make it look exactly like them! :) These crates have been up for about 8 years now and still look great!!!
This is my birthday wall. The wall now has the student's pictures on it with their name and birthday date underneath. I took their pictures wearing a MASK! They are the birthday SUPERHEROES!

This is a view from the back of the room. This is where my word wall goes. All of our center baskets line the counters when school is in session. The vinyl dots on the floor help us know where to line up when we are going somewhere. It's so nice to say "Get on the dot right behind the last person." Makes lining up a BREEZE!

This is the back wall. I have my word work rainbow cart next to the iPad cart. Above is where I hang SUPER STAR center work! Our listening center is above the books/Math Focus wall. My book bins came from Really Good Stuff. I highly recommend paying good money for them. They are awesome. 

Here is a closer look to my book shelf and math focus wall. My math focus wall is curtesy of the awesome Khrys Bosland of Keepin' it Kool in Kinderland. Go check out her blog and TPT, you won't be sorry! I actually made the MATH word header! It will be on my TPT soon.

Upclose of my ORGANIZED books!! This was a HOT mess 2 years ago when I had to sort and separate out all the books by theme/season etc., but well worth it. I also splurged and purchased Maria Monroe's White Book Label series so I wouldn't be scrounging to find books. You can purchase her set in the link above. She also has a backline set that is AWESOME too. What I love most about it, is that is is EDITABLE! :)

This is our calendar wall/hand signals/directions/SUPER LEADER of the day wall. I usually hang examples of work up here when we are doing a craft/project/etc. The SUPER LEADER of the day is a random draw each day of a badge (either boy or girl) and they are my helper for the whole day. They are the line leader, errand runner, paper passer outer ;) and all other teacher odd jobs. They also get to pick a friend to walk the lunch count each morning to the lunchroom. They think this job is the bees knees!

Quite possibly one of the most favorite behavior management/center management strategies I've ever incorporated. The idea of the Build your Rainbow came from Julie Lee of Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten. I got the privilege of meeting her at an SDE conference 2 years ago where she literally changed my LIFE with her Cooking up Centers presentation. She uses the rainbows for behavior management through the whole room now, but I still use it for center management. If a table is quietly cleaning up I'll give them a rainbow piece. If there is teamwork happening they get a rainbow piece. If I see extraordinary behavior they get a rainbow piece. Most importantly, if they do their center work neatly, quietly and don't loose Dojo points they get a sticker on their sticker chart. Once they fill up a row a new rainbow piece is added. The students can earn up to 2 stickers a day (one for reading/Daily 5 and one for math/BUILD). Once the rainbow is full they receive a prize from the prize box and later on they will start receiving class coupons.

More books.....Think we have enough?

This is my "Revised" Reading Focus Wall. The header is from TPT and can be found here I've had SEVERAL people ask me where I got those. The focus wall is based on Khrys Bosland's Reading Street Focus Wall Packet. AWESOME packet!! Highly suggest her TPT store!!

This is a view from the front carpet. Everything in its place. 

Make shift curtains to cover all the games/manipulatives stacked on the shelf. Above the shelf is the alphabet wall, number line and shapes posters. 

This is my "area." I gave up my desk this year since I have 23 kindergarten students (and probably more on the way.) I now use my kidney table as my desk/small group meeting area. I'd eventually like a curtain to cover the shelf behind my desk but I just haven't had time to make one. 
My room doesn't have a window, so I made a make shift outside scene to display on the outer wall. 

This is our gathering space. Where we do most of our whole group learning. It's the place where we have SO MUCH fun. We read here, sing here, talk here, learn here....everything. 

I just love my little HOME AWAY FROM HOME..And I hope you do too. 
Until next time...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Sunday Scoop

Hello! It's me again! 
I just found a new link party and wanted to tell all my bloggers hello by joining in on the fun!
This Sunday linky comes from Teaching Trio called The Sunday Scoop!

Here's my Sunday Scoop for you!

Guess I better get to working! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Classroom Reveal

The long awaited...most anticipated blog post of all.
I've had so many questions and comments on my room reveal 4 years ago with my cubby crates.
This year....I feel like I love my room even more. 
It was time consuming this year. 
I was UN-MOTIVATED to go up to my room till mid July.
*SLACKER* I know. 
I wanted to enjoy summer and all the fun of it without room decoration stress.
But the stress hit when I wasn't ready 2 hours before parent night....AHHH..
Have you ever been there?

My room is still a work in progress. Each day we add a new little element to our room.
Artwork, Exit Slips, Creativity..and the list goes on.
Here's a sneak peak into my home away from home.

Here's the infamous process...SET UP...
Now most of my room was left up from last year, however....I'm that person who can't leave it the same each year. A few things have to move around.
Our friends Ryan and Lindsey came after work one night and helped me put up my outer wall decorations and some decor inside the classroom. Bless them..they stayed till after 9 but we KILLED it.

Our theme this year was carnival! We had our burlap border up last year and managed to salvage it and repurpose it for this years theme. LOVE this.

Our birthday board sits outside my "front door" as I call it. I have 2 entrances to my room. It obviously is filled with popcorn pieces with my littles birthdays on it now!
Here are my computers. I had to jazz up the boring table with a sparkly curtain found on clearance at Hobby Lobby!! 
This is the view of the room from
My desk in the back corner. We have since added crafts, super star work, exit slips and all kinds of kid made artwork to our walls. 

The infamous teacher table- the kidney bean table or small group table. We are here quite often in the day. I pull kids for interventions, reading small group, math small group and DIBELS progress monitoring here. My kids seem to love the crate seats this year and are taking good care of them!
Here's my window wall as I like to call it. Unfortunately my room has no windows. NONE. So in order to bring a little cheer and outside in, I bought SchoolGirl style's silhouette kids and made a window scene on the wall. Everyone who has come in is just like WOW, when they see it's a window of kids. 

We got new tables this year. LOVE THEM. Every little has their own place and their own spot and it's fabulous. No more crowding at the tables!!
Here's my back white board. On the right are our rainbow rewards. If the kids compete their center work and follow the rules during reading and math each day they can earn 2 suckers on their chart. When they reach 5 they get a new rainbow peice. Once they build their whole rainbow, they get a rewards coupon band get to start rebuilding for a new rainbow prize! To the left of that are the hand signals we use and the step picture directions when making big crafts!  As you can see our color bugs are on top on the board. 
Here is my little area. The area I never see. On the wall is where I keep all of my important papers and my calendar. Here in the 2 rainbow carts I keep center supplies on the left cart and all of my weekly papers and copies in the rainbow cart in the right. My little area I never see....At least it's organized.
New reading corner. Animals, books and a couch. A kids dream! 
View of the back wall of the room. On the white board we have our calendar and teachers pet. Our teachers pet is the helper of the day. Then we have our GoMath focus wall and organized library!!
Here's my unseen area again. My desl! 
This is my Scott Foresman Reading Street focus wall and our center rotation charts. Under in the shelf are hands on toys and manipulatives. 
This is a closer look at my newly organized classroom library. Special thanks to Really Good Stuff for selling amazing products! And for Kinder-Craze for making classroom library  labels. 
These are my new curtains I made this year. All of my stuff is organized but it just now isn't all out in the open looking messy! Happy dots!!! 
Here's one side of the countertop. We keep our journals and interactive notebooks organized back here and on too of the shelf are our Julie Lee center activities organized by weeks! 

Another random picture of my wall beside my desk. This stayed the same from last year.
Here are my popular crates. They are our outside cubbies. Everyone has asked and emailed about these crates. They are the crates from Walmart that come out around school time. They are mounted on the wall but could be Zip tied together too. I also use these same crates for my crate seats in my room.
Here is the last part of my clasroom. My themed popcorn door tying up our carnival theme in the hallway. 

If you want it to the end bless you. I hope you like my room :) it's my happy place! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet the Teacher- Mrs. Olson

So apparently I am REALLY behind for this blog post but right now I am celebrating that it is up and finished! WHEW...Better late than NEVER right.


I used to dream of being a wedding planner. I loved everything about weddings. I thought I was going to be a wedding planner until I realized how much work goes into wedding planning. And how many weekends of your life are focused on other people and no time for yourself or family. However, if I wasn't a teacher now I don't know what I would be. Maybe a SAHM with a crafting business!

Crafty, Optimistic, Caring

I love spending my weekends tearing and sorting workbook pages OR
Summer is so relaxing and work free.

Lucille Ball. I have loved "I LOVE LUCY" since I was a kid. I've always wondered what it would be like to meet Lucille Ball. She still makes me laugh to this day.

"The Non-Stop Teacher" or "The Coffee Crafted Teacher"

Invisibility. Need I say more. 

"I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength.- Phil. 4:13

"Don't Stop Believing"- Journey
Not sure that's proper for a female voice but I belt it out every time it comes on the radio.
Well...I don't LOVE the morning. But I do get up at 5:00 am every morning for an hour workout before school. I like the fact that I get up and get it done but I sure love sleeping on Saturday's. In the summer I tend to be more "night owlish" since I don't HAVE to get up.

Well, I've never created a resource for TPT. That is one of my goals for this school year. Hopefully I will have some soon!

I used to dance when I was younger. I loved it and quit to take piano, which I was no good at. So I went back to dance and stopped as a junior in HS. I wish I had never quit. I loved dance!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Meet Me!

Happy Monday!!

Today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for the last week of Monday Meet Me!

Hope you enjoyed this Monday of Randomness! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Smorgasboard

Happy Sunday! 
Whew. Sunday is a busy day for the hubs and I.
He is the production assistant at church and I sing in our worship band at our 10:30 and 5:00 service.
I love Sundays but they are busy.

Today I am linking up with Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasbord.

I love how she says a whole bunch of random! 
This will be random!

Ok so I know everyone has been SO SWEET about my door hangers! 
Several of you have asked me if I have an Etsy shop.....well not yet. 
However I do have 2 door hangers for sale if anyone wants them....
They are random. 
Two that I just wanted to paint ...just for the heck of it!
I'd love for 2 of you to have them if you want.

The watermelon above will come with a green and black bow at the top. When it's finished it looks like this below!
     This one is $30 plus shipping!! 

Another door hanger I made is this one: 
I love this pencil!
This one is $30 plus shipping and free personalization. It will also come with a multicolored bow and hanger at the top. 

If you are interested in either of these please email me at or

Payments would be sent through PayPal. 

Happy Sunday!
Hope yours was as random as mine!