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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Christmas Time is coming fast! Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Where has this holiday season gone? We've been busy preparing for Santa's arrival in our room! Look at what all we've been up too!
 Snowman Number Match: One to One Correspondence Skill. Students put "buttons" onto each snowman to match the number on his hat.
 Look at those buttons!
 The kids loved using the fluffy pom poms as buttons for the snowmen. They wanted to play over and over!
 We've been learning new letters. This letter of the week was N. We matched words starting with N and glued them in our box next to the nurse!
 Oh my, do we love tanagram puzzles. I bought these templates last year from Scholastic Book Clubs and the kids have loved them. It was a whole book of Winter Tanagrams. I laminated the pieces and the kids used pattern blocks to fill in the patterns. They were so excited they had to show me each one they finished!
 I think some children could have stayed at this center for at least an hour!
 Here are a few of our Snowman Cards that each child made for our Projects By Jen Holiday Card Exchange project! This year we teamed up with over 3,000 other classrooms in a holiday card exchange led by Jen Wagner from Projects by Jen. We were in a group with 31 other classrooms across the United States. Each class had to make 31 cards to send to the other classrooms and mail them VIA snail mail! Each day we've been getting cards in the mail and hanging them on our outside bulletin board. The kids have been so excited to see where other students live and to the the beautiful handmade cards they have created for us. Please stop by and see our cards! I hope the other kids across the US loved our drawings!
 Oh my have we loved the things I purchased from Kelley's Kids Printables!! Kelley is another fellow Pre-K teacher who I follow on Facebook and in the blogging world. She has given me some of the GREATEST ideas for centers and hands on literacy & math activities. The kids LOVED these tracing cards. It helped us big time with our writing and spelling skills. Some children were sounding out the words by the end of the center!
 Don't you just love the snowman monster shirt! :)
 Thank you Kelley! WGS Pre-K Loves your Stuff!!
 Here are some more pictures of our holiday cards! I absolutely love the glasses on the snowman! How creative!
 This past week we've been learning about Gingerbread Men/Women/Houses in our "unit" time. On Monday we made sticker Gingerbread houses which were adorable, Tuesday we labeled gingerbread men and wrote sentences about him, Wednesday we made a Gingerbread man puzzle, Thursday we made these Gingerbread Men above. We colored them and then gave them a glittered bow tie! Oh how Mrs. Olson loves glitter!

They did a great job on the Gingerbread men. They colored his icing and body then glittered their bow ties!
 WE did a stamping activity this week as well. The children got to use winter stamps to make a winter scene! They loved it!
 Here is some of our literature for the week. Above is The Gingerbread Pirates. Such a cute story about Gingerbread Cookie Pirates who figure out who Santa is and what Christmas is truly about!
 The Gingerbread Girl was such a cute story. We read it the day after the Gingerbread MAn pictured below! The Gingerbread Girl is a story about The Gingerbread Man's smarter and wiser sister who tries to outsmart the fox! Such a cute read!
 Then we have the classic The Gingerbread Man story. Poor Gingerbread Man gets eaten by the fox at the end. My kids were devastated after I finished this book. They were just mind boggled that the sly fox ate the gingerbread man!
 On Friday to end our Gingerbread Man Unit we did LOTS of fun things! First we made gingerbread man hats with candy patterns. The kids colored their gingerbread man heads and candy. Then we cut them out and glued them onto sentence strips, putting the head in the middle and the peppermints and gum drops in a pattern beside them. We then turned them into hats that the kids got to wear!
 I loved the multi-colored icing on this gingerbread man!!!
 Here's one of my sweets making their hat! They looked so stinkin' cute in their hats!

 Here was our Friday literature and craft. Oh Fancy Nancy, how I love her stories. The children were so intrigued by her Splendiferous Christmas story. Some of my ladies were twirling around like Nancy after our story! :)
 Oh our last craft of Friday was by far my favorite, but the most challenging. We made books for part of our parent gifts. It's called How to Stop the Gingerbread Man from Escaping...Follow the pictures below to see our book!

 Tee hee...Aren't the crumbs cute! What we're going to do is glue each child's picture onto this back page of them crunching on the gingerbread men below that Mrs. Carol Ann our aide made for us to end our unit on Gingerbread Men.
 Oh yummy delicious Gingerbread men! Special Snack day for Pre-K!
To add to our sugar high, we had red velvet cupcakes at snack time as well! I made them for our special aide Mrs. Carol Ann in honor of her birthday! She is very special to our class and we wanted to make her birthday special! The kids loved their special treat!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow starts the last 4 days of school before Christmas. Where has the time gone? We've got some great activities planned to make the week fly by!
1. Monday- Polar Express Day
2. Tuesday- Grinch Day & Crafts
3. WEdnesday- Charlie Brown Christmas, Letters to Santa and Christmas Parties
4. Thursday- Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Crafts & Making Reindeer Food!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December is Flying By....

Parents.... I am a slacker on the blog.
I brought the camera and cord home from the classroom this weekend and guess what?
The battery was dead.
Dead. as. a. door. nail. Ugh.

However, the battery is re-charged and I've taken pictures of what all we've been doing this month.
I hope to post this weekend about our December adventures including our Christmas Card Exchange, Christmas centers & Christmas Crafts. Oh boy have we had a busy month!!

For you parents who check the blog frequently, you'll be glad to know that one of my top New Years Resolutions is update blog and website weekly. YOU heard me. WEEKLY.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

See What We've Been "Gobbling" Up!

 Here are a few things we've been learning lately! Rhyming...
 Alphabet Tracing with initial Sounds with the iPad. We love the iPad!
 Letter of the week tracing. B is for Ball. B says /b/.
 We made a TON of turkey crafts this year. When I say a ton I literally mean a ton. Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Carol Ann were tired of turkey's by last Tuesday! :) These are so cute! A Special thanks to Kelley at for the turkey face pattern and feathers idea!
 Ain't they cute! We wrote one thing each child was thankful for on the turkey's top feather. 
 "Gobble Gobble"

 I thought each child did great!
 This was another one of our crafts! We made turkey's out of half a paper plate, the turkey template and forks for legs! O my were they cute! The kids loved them!
 One of the last turkey crafts we did before the holidays was the age old famous turkey handprint. Each child traced their hand and decorated their turkey! We then glued feathers on the fingers to make him look real! :)
 More turkeys..
 Look this child gave their turkey a friend.
 They did so good!  I was so proud of their turkeys
 This turkey has about 10 legs ;)
 Love em!
 This turkey was the most realistic looking turkey of them all. She really did an awesome job!
 More center work..
Rhyming Lion Game....The king had a ring! :)
We're quickly learning our rhyming words and letters/sound.
Now that Thanksgiving is over, tomorrow starts 4 weeks of Christmas crafts! 
Oh the joy!
I love Christmas!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Check Out My other Blogs!

I don't just have my classroom blog folks! Check out my crafting blog
It hasn't been updated in a while but it shows all my past work on my scrapbooking and crafting.

Also check out my blog for my home life It still needs some updating but.....I barely have time to keep my life updated! :)

check them out if you have time!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Leaf Man

Yesterday we made our first project of "FALL". We started talking about leaves this week and how they begin to change colors durng this time of year. We've also talked about how ths time of year we find alot of leaves on the ground because they start to "fall" off the trees! The kids have made leaf patterns this week, found leaves theat look the same and yesterday we made our very own LEAF MAN!

After reading the story LEAF MAN yesterday, Mrs. Carol Ann (the aide) and I had our kids pick out their leaves and make they're own! They turned out so good! :)

Happy Fall Y'all!