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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look wHOOOOO's been painting!

I guess after the 4th of July I've got to get to HOPPIN' on my classroom. Otherwise my decorations/classroom won't be ready for Parent night on August 9th! Bahh..Crazy how close that seems. Any WHOOO...our theme in my classroom this year (and quite possible the next year or two) is going to be Owls. I absolutely love owls. The cute ones not the creepy looking ones. So my Pre-K class will be known as Olson's Owls this year. What do you think??

Look WHOOOOO's been painting this past week to get ready for hanging in my room. ME! I have a painter that I love. Please check her out Doodlebug Art!Laura is amazing! i have canvas' in my house she painted and will be having a ROLLLLLLL TIDE monogrammed canvas hanging outside my door this year! :) She inspired me to paint the owls for my classroom.  I did this partially because there is NOT alot of owl decor out there. Naturally I would go with the theme that has limited resources :) But here they are. I will post pictures when I get them hung in my room. They will be hanging over the blocks center in my room.
 These owls I free handed. My colors in my room are the obvious. Pink, yellow, lime green, black & brown, turquoise blue. I am not a huge fan of the normal primary colors. I've only seen one classroom who's primary colors are AMAZING.
 She is my favorite owl. I cut the outline out on my Cricut. They were owls I'd already cut out to use as decor in my classroom. So I traced around them and then free handed the rest!
 My second single owl. He's cute too! Sadly, it kinda reminds me of the Simpons and I do not like that show.
Here is the other bigger 4 square painting. All of these owls are free handed too. The top right owl was made to look similar to the Carson Dellosa owl. I will be using them in my classroom this year as well.

HOOOOOO's up for some learning in Pre-K this year?


  1. Absolutely adorable! You're very talented!
    I'm sure they'll look great in your classroom!

  2. I'm also doing an owl theme this year! I have the first item on this list, it's super cute!!

    There's also a set called "funky owls" on lettering delights that I snagged during their sale, which might still be going on!

  3. Love all your owls! I organize really slowly too...or at least it seems that way! But that's the way to do it, slow and steady wins the race!

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