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Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Time Pottery DEAL!

Wow! I went to Old Time Pottery yesterday with a sweet friend and found so many colorful bins and baskets that I wanted but I refrained from buying! But tonight when I picked my husband up from the airport we swung by to see what all they had and my sweet husband bought me some for my room! Had to share these on the shopping link! The bigger yellow & green bins were 1.69 each ( I know Dollar Tree is cheaper but hey Dollar Tree didn't have yellow or green here :) ) The smaller green and pink bins were .79 each so I got 2 of each color. The slim bins in the big ones are sets of 3 they were 3 for 1.99. I thought these were reasonable! I can't wait to go to Dollar Tree now and get Blue Orange and more Pink and Green for my room!


  1. I am jealous of your finds! I do the same colors, and just incorporated new reading baskets from Reallygoodstuff in the same colors! Always looking for more organizational tools even if I don't need them!

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