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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Setting Up For the New School Year!

 The past 2 days this week I decided that it was time to get my brain out of summer lazy mood and start getting up and going to my classroom for a few hours at least 2-3 times a week. That way I'm not bombarded the short few weeks before school to rush to get everything together! I got a little crafty over the last weekend while my hubby was on a gig for a youth middle school camp! Below is a picture of one of my creations!
 I got the pink canister at Dollar General. My Dollar General FINALLY got their school stuff in and so I went Saturday night and made a few purchases :) This container was made with some leftover outdoor vinyl I had and cut out on the Cricut. It will hold my "smart pills" for the class! My hubby gave me the idea of calling my M&M's or Skittles "smart pills" so the class would think they were getting smarter with each bite! And guess really works! Kids will do anything for a Smart Pill in my Pre-K!
 Above is a picture of my new SHELF! Our janitor put up a shelf on the other side of the room for me over the summer so I could store my new BOXES! These boxes are labeled by months (Aug-Sept, get the picture) and inside are my "kids don't touch" holiday books. These are the books I put on display in my book caddy for monthly read alouds to my class! :)
 Ohhhhh this jewel is my FAVORITE addition to my classroom. Laura at Doodlebug Art painted this for me! I am a HUGE HUGE alabama fan and she painted one of her amazing art work pieces for me! Please click on the link to her blog above. She is AMAZING!
(look at the picture above!)  And.....just so happens I got a new piece of furniture in my room when I went to visit yesterday! Ooooo WEEEEE am I excited! It's a big book holder on the back and then on the front it's a white board! AH. And if you lift up the top there is storage space for pens, ect! Oh my I can't wait!
 Here's a fabulous picture of the front! :)
 Now....this is still a work in progress. On Monday when I went to my room I cleaned out all the toys. Sprayed, Lysol, Dusted, Organized. You name it I did it. Well ....its still not finished but looks much better than last year. If you can see the lime green, pink and blue bins in the squares...Well I just recently bought enough to fill  and replace the broken clear containers today, thanks to my wonderful mother in law. She is just amazing.
 This side is almost complete. I just love the colors! I wish the 3 tier thing on the far right was lime green, pink and blue....I'm not a huge fan of primary colors if you haven't noticed!

 This is just a close up of the blocks center. Again a work in progress!

My mother in law is going to help me in my classroom Monday and Tuesday of next week. I'll post more updates when I have new stuff!! :)


  1. Love the Smart Pills container you made :) I think my Pre-K kiddos would enjoy it as well!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Found you through the Blog Mixer Linky Party! Love your blog! :0)
    All In A First Grade Day

  3. I don't like primary colors either!! I am a big fan of pinks, greens, and purples!!

    Kindergarten Is A Jungle

  4. Love your site and your classroom. I wasn't going to say anything because I certainly don't want to offend you, but then I thought maybe it would be better to say something if it could prevent you any trouble down the road. We had a teacher who used the "smart pills" idea with M&Ms and the combination of promoting "drugs" and "sugar" got her into lots and lots of hot water. She meant no harm, but parents and administration saw it differently. Again, I don't want to offend and you may be fine, but as a parent I could see why it wasn't well received.

    1. I also heard of a teacher in my district who got into hot water because of giving students "smart pills" AKA candies.

  5. I love your blog but most of all I love your Alabama painting :) I have a cute elephant in my room too!! RoLLLL Tide


  6. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments and suggestions! I am so excited that people are looking at my blog! When I created this I never thought I would actually have followers and comments! Feeling so blessed right now!

    Out with primary colors and in with the bright colors and ROLL TIDE! :)

  7. Love the owl artwork on the wall. Did you make it or buy? I have a bee theme and have been trying to think of artwork to make or buy.

  8. Erika I painted them myself. Email me if you are interested in me painting yoiu some bees. I love to paint!

  9. just fyi: I don't use the smart pills. i did away withe the jar before school started last year.

  10. Where did you get the cute owl decorations on the wall? We are the Osgood Owls and so I love a cute owl decoration :)

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