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Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Corn Men

Welcome to our Pre-K Patch!
 Here is out outside display for our Pre-K wall. Harvest Hank joined us at the beginning of October, replacing our Owls from the beginning of the year. I really enjoy decorating for the holidays on our outside wall and displaying our holiday crafts and work!
 This is our Pre-K Patch. For October we displayed our candy corn men for all to see. The kiddos did such a great job making their men! We used real candy corn as our examples. I passed out candy corn to each child and had them explore them looking to see their shape and the colors on them and what order they were in. Some of the kids had never had candy corn before. After the activity they got to taste the candy corn. EVERYONE loved it. They ate almost the whole bag of Autumn Mix.
 Look how cute they are with Harvest Hank!
 Another picture of our Candy Corns.
 Here they are again....

 Pictures of Harvest hank and his pumpkin patch.
Oh sadly, since today is Halloween tomorrow the Candy corn men come down and get sent home with each special student in my classsroom! I hope their parents love their artwork! Then on Wednesday up go our scarecrows for November!


  1. Do you have a file of this candy corn man. I would love to use it with my daycare kids.

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