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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Re-Arranged Room

Last year being my first year, I really thought I had my classroom set up well. At least for not knowing what I was doing :) However, I always felt cramped and that I couldn't see my kids well. Being a shorty everything is taller than me. Tee hee. But this year I got rid of some clutter and re-organized. Granted this is not EXACTLY how it will look. My rugs aren't in the room nor is anything decorated yet. :)
I am not a huge fan of the primary colors so, this year my room will have turquoise, lime green, pink black white and brown. These colors match all the themes I may use in future years to come. Plus they reflect my personality. 

I am finally going to be able to make use of my white boards this year. The easel and stuff hanging back in the back has now been removed! :) I put my small group table back in the middle of the classroom this year so I can see what all my  munchkins are up too at ALL TIMES :) I look forward to getting back in my room in a few weeks and getting it all cutesy again. Hopefully it wont take a whole month like it did last year....

I'll post AFTER pictures when the room is done. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Work In Progress

The definition of summertime is the period or season of summer. For this teacher this means 10 weeks of no 5:17 a.m. alarm, enjoying daytime T.V. and 2 months to reorganize/revamp/re-plan how the next year of school will go! Thus why I am creating this blog! Last year was my first year to have my own classroom. I was blessed with a job teaching Pre-K at Walnut Grove School. What a busy year it was for me! In the 2010-2011 school year I went through my first year of teaching, got engaged, bought a house, moved out of my parents house, planned a wedding and got married ALL BEFORE SPRING BREAK! Whew! Needless to say, I didn't accomplish many "extra" things for my classroom last year, like this BLOG! :)
I have a crafting blog for all of my crafty items I paint, cook, or  scrapbook and I thought why not make one for my classroom. I know now a days most parents use the computers for information more than they do looking on a piece of paper in their child's notebook. Ever since I attended a technology conference in the Spring, I've been motivated to create one for my own classroom. I know my kids are too young to read or appreciate this, but I know it will be a resource of easy access for parents to follow what their child is doing inside our classroom this year. The blog also helps the parent get to know me and link them to my webpage on our school's website where they can also keep up with what is going on at Walnut Grove. 
Like anything in life, this blog is a work in progress. I hope that by August everything will be up and running on here so that my parents/faculty can see what happens in our PHENOMENAL PRE-K! 

*If you are a fellow teacher reading this blog, I am always looking for other awesome teaching blogs, ideas and tips!