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Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to School Bash!!

Are you ready Togo back to school? I have mixed emotions! However the back to school bash going on at Erika Bohrer's first grade is making me super excited about school starting back! I already followed many of the blogs that are participating and they are nothing but wonderful!! Head over and check it out!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Slowly.... I organize...Inch by Inch...Cabinet by Cabinet!
 This past Monday and Tuesday, my wonderful mother in law came and helped me in my classroom. Monday we got most of my toy bins switched out, half of my books labeled and laminated almost ALL of my new decor items. So Tuesday it was our goal to get some craft supplies from another piece of furniture I had in my room that was removed put away, finish books and decorate. Needless to say we cleaned out my WHOLE cabinets. We threw away so much JUNK and I donated to the free teacher pile a TON of stuff too! It took us all afternoon to get this looking so good! But now Im ORGANIZED! Above is a picture of one my cabinets.
 Here's another cabinet! Holiday Decor, Paint, Glitters ALL ORGANIZED!
 Crayons, Scissors, Glue, Craft Supplies= ORGANIZED!
 Here is a view from the front door. My rugs got cleaned and put back in my room on Tuesday. I feel like it's starting to come together. 
 Mini Reading Couch and Carpet.
 Blocks Center with new tubs! WHOOO! I love the organization!
Crayon Carpet in the Kitchen/Housekeeping Center! :)

I still have a few more things to organize before I start decorating! I hope to go to my room Monday and Tuesday of this week and next to get most of the BIG things done! Today I think I'll go lay in my in-law's pool and enjoy the last few days of summer left!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look wHOOOOO's been painting!

I guess after the 4th of July I've got to get to HOPPIN' on my classroom. Otherwise my decorations/classroom won't be ready for Parent night on August 9th! Bahh..Crazy how close that seems. Any WHOOO...our theme in my classroom this year (and quite possible the next year or two) is going to be Owls. I absolutely love owls. The cute ones not the creepy looking ones. So my Pre-K class will be known as Olson's Owls this year. What do you think??

Look WHOOOOO's been painting this past week to get ready for hanging in my room. ME! I have a painter that I love. Please check her out Doodlebug Art!Laura is amazing! i have canvas' in my house she painted and will be having a ROLLLLLLL TIDE monogrammed canvas hanging outside my door this year! :) She inspired me to paint the owls for my classroom.  I did this partially because there is NOT alot of owl decor out there. Naturally I would go with the theme that has limited resources :) But here they are. I will post pictures when I get them hung in my room. They will be hanging over the blocks center in my room.
 These owls I free handed. My colors in my room are the obvious. Pink, yellow, lime green, black & brown, turquoise blue. I am not a huge fan of the normal primary colors. I've only seen one classroom who's primary colors are AMAZING.
 She is my favorite owl. I cut the outline out on my Cricut. They were owls I'd already cut out to use as decor in my classroom. So I traced around them and then free handed the rest!
 My second single owl. He's cute too! Sadly, it kinda reminds me of the Simpons and I do not like that show.
Here is the other bigger 4 square painting. All of these owls are free handed too. The top right owl was made to look similar to the Carson Dellosa owl. I will be using them in my classroom this year as well.

HOOOOOO's up for some learning in Pre-K this year?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to School Bulletin Board Sayings!

Thanks to Eberhart's Explorers I found out that Really Roper is having a Back to School Bulletin Board Linky Party! I am new to all the blogging and linky parties but I adore seeing other teacher's ideas out there!


Here are some of my favorites that I've used and will use this year:
"Hanging In Pre-K With Miss Holder": I created a palm tree scene with monkey's hanging all around and bushels of bananas in their hands with the students names written on them. Above is a picture!

"Look HOOOOOOO's in Pre-K!": This year I am using Owls and we'll be called Olson's Owls! To create the bulletin board I have a large owl that will be sitting in a tree. You can write the teacher's name on the large owl. Then I will have smaller owls out all around and in the tree with a clothespin glued on top with their name. This way I can hang some of their work from the first few days of school! I like to make clothespins with their names on it since we can't write our names legible yet!

"Let's MOOOOOOve on into a New School Year! or "Herding up a Great Bunch"- I did this bulletin board one year for my Mom who is the counselor where I teach at now. You make grass out of bulletin board paper and then add a paper fence (you can purchase a paper fence at school craft or your local school decor store). Then we wrote all the teachers names on cows! (Thanks to a carson dellosa cow notepad) It turned out really cute!

"Leaping into Learning with __________": In the blank spot insert teacher's name. Create a lily pad in center and put a big frog in the middle. Around the lily pad on smaller lily pads glue frogs with the children's name on it. My 3 year old teacher co-worker did this last year for the beginning of school it was great!

Happy Beginning of School Bulletin Board Creating! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Setting Up For the New School Year!

 The past 2 days this week I decided that it was time to get my brain out of summer lazy mood and start getting up and going to my classroom for a few hours at least 2-3 times a week. That way I'm not bombarded the short few weeks before school to rush to get everything together! I got a little crafty over the last weekend while my hubby was on a gig for a youth middle school camp! Below is a picture of one of my creations!
 I got the pink canister at Dollar General. My Dollar General FINALLY got their school stuff in and so I went Saturday night and made a few purchases :) This container was made with some leftover outdoor vinyl I had and cut out on the Cricut. It will hold my "smart pills" for the class! My hubby gave me the idea of calling my M&M's or Skittles "smart pills" so the class would think they were getting smarter with each bite! And guess really works! Kids will do anything for a Smart Pill in my Pre-K!
 Above is a picture of my new SHELF! Our janitor put up a shelf on the other side of the room for me over the summer so I could store my new BOXES! These boxes are labeled by months (Aug-Sept, get the picture) and inside are my "kids don't touch" holiday books. These are the books I put on display in my book caddy for monthly read alouds to my class! :)
 Ohhhhh this jewel is my FAVORITE addition to my classroom. Laura at Doodlebug Art painted this for me! I am a HUGE HUGE alabama fan and she painted one of her amazing art work pieces for me! Please click on the link to her blog above. She is AMAZING!
(look at the picture above!)  And.....just so happens I got a new piece of furniture in my room when I went to visit yesterday! Ooooo WEEEEE am I excited! It's a big book holder on the back and then on the front it's a white board! AH. And if you lift up the top there is storage space for pens, ect! Oh my I can't wait!
 Here's a fabulous picture of the front! :)
 Now....this is still a work in progress. On Monday when I went to my room I cleaned out all the toys. Sprayed, Lysol, Dusted, Organized. You name it I did it. Well ....its still not finished but looks much better than last year. If you can see the lime green, pink and blue bins in the squares...Well I just recently bought enough to fill  and replace the broken clear containers today, thanks to my wonderful mother in law. She is just amazing.
 This side is almost complete. I just love the colors! I wish the 3 tier thing on the far right was lime green, pink and blue....I'm not a huge fan of primary colors if you haven't noticed!

 This is just a close up of the blocks center. Again a work in progress!

My mother in law is going to help me in my classroom Monday and Tuesday of next week. I'll post more updates when I have new stuff!! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yard Sales...How I Love a Good DEAL!

So today my dad and I went on our weekly Saturday morning yard sale run. He goes almost every Saturday I try to get out there with him 3 out of the 4 Saturdays every month! This week was a hit! I found such great deals and I only spent $16!! Whoo!

Here's what I got:
 This is a set of 30 Wilton Christmas cookie Cutters, brand new retail for $14.99! I got these and the luggage tag lamitating sheets below for $2!

 I got the M&M's cookbook, Disney Story book Collection and the Candy Land game rug for $2 as well!! The story book retails for$15.99 and the CandyLand game rug retails for $35! What a steal!

I even got more! Look!!
Oh, I can't even tell you how excited I am about this lamp! this lamp matches the color scheme in my room perfectly! Found this jewel at the first stop today at the yard sale on MY ROAD! how crazy! This was $5 and my sweet Daddy bought it for me!

This isn't for my classroom but for a sweet friend of my husband and I. Our best friends have a little boy who just turned 2 and is in love with the Veggie Tales. I found this nativity set for $2 at a random yard sale! I can't wait to give it to him!

These two gems were found at the same yard sale. I walked up and there was this box of books and it was like a light was flashing on them! She had the box marked .50 a book and I asked her if she was willing to sell the whole box. She said yes! I talked her down to $10 for the whole box! And get this....there was 47 books in that pile! WHOO. I then found this awesome pillowcase for an additional polka dot pillow for my room's reading corner! It's washed and dried and ready for kids to read on! :) My dad got the pillow case for me for $0.25! Whoo

Can't beat that!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birthday BONUS!

I am new to the blogging. But I have found so many resources and AMAZING blogs out there. Donna at Peace, Love and Learning is having a Birthday Bonus Giveaway! Click on the picture below to check out her awesome blog! I can't wait to celebrate birthday's better this year thanks to her!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

400+ Member Giveaway!

I know my blog could use some help! Mrs. Snowden at 1st grade with Mrs. Snowden is having a giveaway! Go check out her amazing work!!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh Target...How I love the $ section!

So today, after attending precious friends of ours little boy's birthday party, my hubby and I went to Target. And oh, let me tell you I found SOME DEALS! :)
 Naturally, I see these are upside down. :( oops! But any "whoooo" I got these awesome Alphabet Wipe Off Boards! These will be perfect for handwriting practice and letter matching in a small group center.
 This is AWESOME! For $1. I was in need of a new planner and just didn't want to pay 8 or 10 bucks for one. Found this in the $ section and was tickled pink! Below is the inside of the planner!

 These were quite a find too!! The foam blocks will be handy for an individual center (independent work). I am going to be putting the letters of the alphabet from the stickers above onto the foam pieces and then the students will be able to spell words with the blocks and copy them to practice handwriting. Or they can match upper and lower case letters at the beginning of the year!
 These were a WHOO HOO find as well. I was standing in the $ section when a lady came up and told me about these. At first I said well I already have boards for that in my room and she pointed out that they are small individual ones! Oh my. I got 8 for $2! These are perfect for my little kids' hands. I also got mini dry erase markers and erasers! Ohh they're gonna have a time!
 I was pumped to find these at my Target. I read on another blog yesterday where someone had found these erasers and made them into pointers. I will be doing the same. My kids always want to play with my expensive big ones in my room and now they can have their own! So excited!
 Every teacher needs stickers, birthday certificates, name tags and MULTIPLE notepads! WHOO!
 Last year I made the mistake of only have 1 pass for girls, 1 for boys and 1 for the hall. Well this year, that will not happen! Thanks to Target $ section I have 2 girls, 2 boys and 2 hall passes! And how cute are they!

Oh my I was so excited today! A special thanks to Laura at for emailing me that our Target had restocked! :)
These puzzles will come in handy at the beginning of the year and the end of the year for review. Students can individually work with these or use them in their small group centers. I got the perfect size container yesterday for them!!

Below is a picture of alphabet stamps! Again small stamps for small hands! These will be AMAZING to have for practicing spelling our names at the beginning of the year. After that these can be used to spell words throughout the year. There are small lock containers at target for 2.99 that I will be getting to make 3 containers of these. Individual work or enough to have in a 3 person small group center!


Adventures in teaching has reached 100 followers!
101 thanks to me just now! For this she is having a give away of an AWESOME teacher candle warmer! Whoooooo doesn't love Scentsy! I have a candle warmer in my kitchen and I love love love it!
Head on over to her blog and check it out!!

Adventures in Teaching Giveaway!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Time Pottery DEAL!

Wow! I went to Old Time Pottery yesterday with a sweet friend and found so many colorful bins and baskets that I wanted but I refrained from buying! But tonight when I picked my husband up from the airport we swung by to see what all they had and my sweet husband bought me some for my room! Had to share these on the shopping link! The bigger yellow & green bins were 1.69 each ( I know Dollar Tree is cheaper but hey Dollar Tree didn't have yellow or green here :) ) The smaller green and pink bins were .79 each so I got 2 of each color. The slim bins in the big ones are sets of 3 they were 3 for 1.99. I thought these were reasonable! I can't wait to go to Dollar Tree now and get Blue Orange and more Pink and Green for my room!