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Friday, January 13, 2012

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere!

Penguins. Aren't they cute as a button? Penguins are such a cute winter animal to talk about. Well, since our aide Mrs. Carol Ann's favorite is penguins we discussed them this week and made crafts!
 Here was one of the penguin crafts we made. We read Pete the Penguin and then made our own Pete! Isn't he just cute!
 Bow tie & all!
 Great paper plate craft! Easy too. Cutting was the only hard part!
 So I dont' know what happened but I saved these in the clockwise upright way. Did they load like that NO. They loaded sideways. Ugh. Well....anyways. This was our last big penguin craft for the week. We made a Perfect Penguin. This was such a cute book!

The penguins were great! Next week is snowflakes!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter is Here!

Here is our Winter Classroom Bulletin Board. I got this last year, not really liking it. However, this year I got it laminated and I love it! I think it's because it matches the themed colors in our room! The title of it is... "Each One Unique" Snowflakes have to be one of my favorite decorations. They're so whimiscal and sparkly and like it says....unique. Not one is alike. Just like my classroom full of kids! Each one is unique!
Winter is here! Winter is here! Can you believe it is salready January and we're back in school? Where did the break go? I had a wonderful week off with my husband. Special thanks to his job for giving him the week off! We got to play with all our new Christmas toys & prepare for the return to school!

 I hung my Target ornament snowflakes in the hallway between my room and the 3 year old teachers room to add some sparkle! Got these for $0.50 the day after Christmas! I love Mrs. Lori's Polar Bear wall hanging! Perfect for winter decor!
 Oh my. Oh my. Oh my am I excited about these new additons to the classroom!!! This is our Line It Up Board from HWT! This is attached on my back bulletin board now. We now have all kinds of extra literacy activities that correlate with our HWT handwriting program. I introduced this on Friday and my kids were EXTATIC! you can write on these cards with dry erase CRAYONS....yes you heard me right..dry erase CRAYONS. Then use expo marker cleaner to clean it off! We're going to be rocking and rolling on our literacy and letters!
 This is the HWT Sound ARound Box! Oh the things my "magic box" as I call it can do! It's great! we can trace letters, make magnetic letters, do names, syllables, sounds, rhyming. Oh the possibilities are endless! I've even put objects in there that correspond with the letter of the week and while teaching will pull them out! The kids thought I was a magician on Friday! Oh my this is GREAT!
 Special thanks to my principal for ordering this for us! I had to have it after the conference I went to in September!
 Here are more of my snowflake decorations in the classroom. I have snowflake tinsel from Dollar Tree up with my white Christmas lights. Then after christmas I found the Snowflake Garland at Jo-Ann's for 70% off. AND.....its Martha Stewart Crafts garland. I love Martha Stewart craft items! I was super excited!
 So sparkly and shimmery!
 Welcome to the Winterized Room 208! Our window decals and door hanger just scream WINTER! :) (let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!)
 Here is our Winter outer bulletin board display! We've got our snowman family and snowflakes! Hanging on the snowflake clips are our writing and drawings about "On a Snowy Day I would______." We read the book "Snow Day" then made a list about different things we could do on a snow day! The kids did great with their writing!
Aren't they cute!! SNOW much fun in Pre-K!

Here is an example of one of the drawings and writings! I am so proud of how far my precious students have come with their handwriting! They are such a wonderful group!

Happy WINTER Everyone! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santa....Has left the building.

Where did the holiday season go? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving and we were preparing for turkey day? My oh my how time flies. I feel like each day is a blink of an eye in our classroom since we stay so busy! The week leading up to Christmas was a long, but exciting fun filled week. We had so many activities go on in Pre-K. Check out what all we did to prepare for Santa!
 "ALL ABOARD" The Polar Express...Ah I love Polar Express Day. It's so relaxing and FUN! It can't get much better for the kids when you get to wear your PJ's to school! Polar Express Day was a hit this year. We started the day off with talking about trains and who had seen the movie and who knew the tale about the silver bell. Then we got to watch the author read us the book! Barnes and Noble did a recording of the author reading Polar Express! They were mesmerized. After the story we did a listening activity with the kids. They had to paste which items the little boy saw on the train and which ones he saw at the North Pole. They did super on this! Then the colored them! 
 As you can see, the little boy saw mountains, trees, the conductor and wolves on the train.
 At the North Pole he saw Santa, reindeer, elves and his sleigh!
 After our activity, we passed out the kids tickets to get on the train. Oh boy were they excited!! we had them line up outside the room with tickets in hand & Mrs. Lori and I punched their tickets as they entered "the train." They got to bring blankets and stuffed animals and lay out across the room as we watched the Polar Express movie. It was so cute to see them so excited about getting their ticket punched.
 As a remembrance of the day, we gave them a silver bell (just like the one from Santa's sleigh that the little boy gets when he goes to the North Pole) and a poem about the silver bell written by our Kindergarten teacher, Susan Kilpatrick. They put their ticket in the bag too.
 The last treat of the day was a snack while we were riding "the train." On the train the little boy got hot cocoa and candy (but Mrs. Olson made sugar cookies as you can see). Oh my did we have a mess on that train after it was all said and done....but the looks and excitement of those children made it worth while.
 Another activity we did leading up to Christmas was reading and recreating the book "Moosletoe". Moosletoe is a story about a moose family who LOVES decorating for christmas, but the dad forgets a tree. He goes out on Christmas Eve trying to find a tree but every tree is gone. So, he become their Christmas tree. His kids decorate his long mustache and antlers and turn ole pops into the tree. After reading the story we created our own Moosletoe. They glued Mr. Moose together then I bought ornament stickers for them to decorate him with. They were so cute!
 Here we are creating our Moosletoe!
 I just love seeing how different each child's activities were!
 One day i'll remember to turn my pictures before loading them....But here is Mrs. Olson's Moosletoe example. Ain't he funny?
 If you look at my example board you can tell we were VERY CRAFTY in the month of December. That's crafts from 9 days of school....WOW
 AGain, one day i'll learn to turn pictures before loading. But here is our little Christmas Tree we had in our room this year. It was a sad looking little tree. I know next year to not buy the cheap one. Spend the extra $5 and get a good one! lol But none the less, the kids enjoyed the tree in the room. It was decorated like our classroom. LOVED the colors!
 We wrote about Gingerbread Men the week we studied about them. We colored him and wrote down sentence describing the Gingerbread Man! 
 We also wrote about Mr. Grinch. One day we read the story of Mr. Grinch, did a listening activity from the story and then watched the cartoon movie. After the story, we made a chart of GRINCHY ADJECTIVES. (Special thanks to Pinterest for this idea!) They loved talking about how mean that ole grinch was.
 These were the presents for the parents this year. Unfortunately with 36 kids I can't do elaborate gifts or go buy tons of items to make an elaborate gift for the parents. Therefore I was economical this year and impressed with an idea from Kelley's Kids Preschool! Special thanks to Kelley for the peppermint template! We had the students color their peppermint candies and then we glittered around the poem.  We then did their handprints in red paint and cut them out to look like their handprints were the wrapper. Oh i loved it!
 I loved that it was dated. The parents will always remember it was Pre-K Christmas 2011.
 More little handprint peppermint candies!

 Here was our seasonal bulletin board i have in the classroom. It was surrounded by our Tree writing.
 Our handwriting on the walls for the month was our writing about "Our Christmas Trees". I had the kids write 3 words that described their Christmas Tree they drew. (After reading the book "Christmas Tree")
They did WONDERFUL with this! This was the first big writing experience of the semester! 
 Here is our outside bulletin board display for December. We displayed all the Christmas cards we received from our Projects by Jen Christmas Card project we participated in. LOVED Projects by Jen....I will be doing this project every year!

 We were the first class to participate in the lobby writing display! Each class has a 2-3 week period to display writing from the classroom in the lobby for visitors and parents to see. We chose to do Christmas and Santa. The display above is the 4 year old class (us). 
 This is the 3 year old class display. They did letters to Santa!
 This is an explanation of our Holiday Card Exchange that was on our display.
 We love Christmas books! We had an extra 15 minutes one day and the read and read and read my Christmas books to each other. Most of them knew the stories because I read EVERY Christmas book I owned! :)
 Sweet, sweet children!
 At our Christmas party we decorated Christmas Tree Scratch off ornaments. THey were cute but I was disappointed that about every star on the kids' ornaments came off. I will not purchase those again from Oriental Trading.
 Circular Design on the tree.
 Nice pattern of Garland and lights on this tree! 

Oh my, what a crazy, busy and crafty week it was for Mrs. Olson's owls & owlets in room 208! WE had so much fun getting ready for Santa and partying for the holidays! I can't believe that its now January 3rd and we're back to school and in our last semester of Pre-K. Where did the time go?

Think it will snow?