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Saturday, February 11, 2012

End of January....Good-bye Snow!

Wow! Where have I been lately? My apologies on not updating the blog in a few weeks. Boy has it been crazy around here! We've been busy little bee's the past few weeks, and time has gotten away from me.
To update you on what's been going on....We've finished our unit on winter and snow and have learned the letters K, F, O, H & L. We're moving right along to having all 26 letters complete! Here is a Rainbow Fish activity that we completed the week we learned about F. The kids loved the Rainbow Fish story. They got to decorate their own rainbow fish. We even gave him a shiny scale or two!

We also colored FROGS that week. We read a few of my favorite Froggy stories and made our own frogs with glittery warts! (fancy huh?)
Here was my example....just thought id throw it out there! :)
One of my little munchkins wore an OWL shirt one day! I had to snap a picture of it! it was so cute and fits the theme of our classroom so well! :)
Well we've put away the winter tanagrams and have gotten out the more "Advanced" tanagram puzzles for the kids to work with. These allow them to create pictures or patterns showing them the shape in color or just giving them an outline of the shape and they figure it out on their own.
I love to see how they create the objects using different pieces. Each student does something different!
Someone tackled the BIG puzzle. WOW!
We've been loving our new HWT math additon to Mrs. Olson's centers. We complete these workbooks (or try to each week) in a day or two at my center then they are sent home for review with parents. It's a great visual aide and take home tool for parents to re-teach numbers!
Ok, so I am the teacher who loves file folder games. It allows me to assess student knowledge without having LOADS of paper. I hate using a whole tree each nine weeks I feel like. I like to incorporate File folder games on a day we also do an assessment worksheet at my center. I give my aide file folder games too for one-on-one instruction and her small groups as well. The kids feel like they're learning with a game! (which they are!)
This was an initial sounds game. The student had to match the card with the correct train of the beginning sound of the word. They did super with this!
Here they are enjoying learning at centers! Makes my heart happy!
Winter Rhyming game. They used cutting skills, pasting and coloring. They did good! I was proud of their rhyming ability.
Describing an octopus and underlining all of the letter O!

We then colored our own octopi :) Aren't they cute!

Liebster Blog Award!

Wow!  Wow. and WOW. I am so ecstatic right now! I don't get many comments on my blog but on the last 2 posts I have had AWARD winning comments! Super WOW! Miss Kelley at 2care2teach4kids awarded me on December 19th and Pennies for Luck  gifted me with this amazing award this past week. I am so touched and honored! Honestly this made my week! This made me feel like my blog was SUPER! One of the perks is you get to pass on the love. How convenient right here at Valentine's!

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the giver :)
2) Proudly put the award on your blog
3) Pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers and share the love with them!

Sharing a little Valentine's love with these fabulous blogs I have chosen:
1. Loving and Learning in Pre-K. I absolutely ADORE her work and her ideas!

2. Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas. Such cute pictures of her work!

3. Pre-K Mom Dot Com. She has great ideas and homemade resources!

4. Kindergarten is a HOOT. Ok, so she has a just a few over 200 followers, but I LOVE her ideas and she has Owls as her theme! Had to give her this award!

5. Ms. Britney's Outstanding Owls. Gotta show love to one of my favorite teachers in our system Ms. Britney. Her blog definitely deserves this award. She posts GREAT pictures of all her student activities and has WONDERFUL ideas from a first year kindergarten teacher!

Please take a few minutes and check these ladies out! They are wonderful!