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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April....Where did it go?

Where did the month of April go? Did I miss it? We have been so super busy in Pre-K the last 4 weeks, that I haven't snapped ONE picture. Terrible I know. Here's an update on what we've been doing!

1. We've learned all 26 letters of the alphabet and their sounds!
2. We've learned numbers 1-10!
3. We've learned to blend letter sounds together to make 3 & 4 letter words!
4. We have started to WRITE, what successful writers we are!
5. We had our annual BIG Easter Egg Hunt. The kids LOVED it. We all ate too much candy!
6. We've celebrated a few birthdays!
7. We've completed our Reading Street Reading Program!
8. We've started learning sight words in preparation for Kindergarten.
9. We're counting down the days until our graduation and last day of school (moving to Kindergarten) (using 1st grade skill of unifix cube graphing! :)
10. We're studying our last units of the year- this week oceans, next 2 weeks Eric Carle, then final end of the year crafts.

Where has the year gone? These kids have been precious this year and so has my wonderful aide, Carol Ann Trentham. I will be sad to see the year end but look forward to a summer of relaxation and preparation for a new group of 4's in August. It's such a joy having a job that I love at a school I love. So blessed!

St. Patrick's Day 2012

 The kids LOVED St. Patrick's Day this year. They made LOTS of crafts and even received a special visit from that sneaky Leprechaun. We colored our shamrocks that decorated our room for a while. They used only green to decorate!
 A parent of one of my afternoon class students brought these for the class for St. Patrick's Day. She even came and helped with our Lucky Charms Graphing Activity. These rainbows with pots of gold were a big hit. The kids wanted to eat it all in one sitting!
 This was by far one of my favorite graphing activities. Each child had their own Lucky Charms graphing chart. They had to sort the cereal from the marshmallows and then sort and graph the marshmallows onto their chart. Once they were done they had to color the correct amount of spaces for each type of marshmallow they had on the graph. It was neat to see how many marshmallows there were of each kind. We discovered that there are more STAR marshmallows than any!
 After graphing we got to eat the Lucky Charms with GREEN MILK....Green Milk?? Seriously, that teacher fed them green milk? (I bet know that's what you're thinking) All I did was dye skim milk with food coloring :) They loved it!
And our  visit from the leprechaun.....He gave us a special cake with green jellybeans on the frosting. And he left his footprints, handprints and even a little treasure in Mrs. Sherry's room (the daycare teacher)!!

Dr. Suess Week 2

 During week 2 of Dr. Seuss we did many crafts! Sadly we were so busy I only snapped a few pictures of them. This was based on the book Yertle the Turtle. We read the story then made our own Yertle the King Turtle and stacked them high like the story. We counted each turtle as we stacked them....of course we knocked them over at the end :)
 Mrs. Olson was out of town the Friday of our last week of Dr. Seuss and so Mrs. Carol Ann, our wonderful aide, took over! She made OOBLECK with the kids! I wish I could have been there to see it! She said they LOVED it. Reminds me of GAK that was popular when I was a child!
She also made Wockets for the kids pockets based off the book There's a Wocket in my Pocket. Each child left that day with their wocket proudly in their pocket to show mom and dad!

What a great 2 weeks of Dr. Suess Celebrations!