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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

I just recently notice a linky party with link up with Farley for JUNE Currently. I haven't blogged much this year but this summer I plan on getting back in the swing of things. I have already had 1 week of summer and I am bummed that it went by so fast! Here's my currently ....
Hope all of you are starting your summer soon! 


  1. I love your blog design!! Hope you have a blast at VBS! Our church hasn't been able to have one in a few years; I definitely miss it.

  2. I've never been able to get into 90210 BUT there are plenty of shows that I've gotta watch this summer.. cannot WAIT for the premiers :) you scrapbook?!? MEEEE to. I'm doing the Project Life method, though - much easier and fits in better with my schedule. Where did you order your swimsuits from?? I'm waiting for mine to come in, too!! When they get here, I'm going to be the happiest person in the world.

    Happy to have the opportunity to run into you - I'm looking for the "follow" button on the sidebar but I don't see one - when you add one, I'd love to be a new follower :) cannot wait to see more of your blog!!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

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