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Thursday, July 18, 2013


So this morning after my bible study I was doing my daily Facebook/Twitter/Instagram check and my friend & coworker Lori has tagged me in a post! I thought it would be another idea for our room this year but  much to my surprise my outside crates which I use for cubbies had made the Buzzfeed for 25 Clever Classroom Tips for Elementary School Teachers! **EEEEK** Look heres the link:

WOAH! I about fell in the floor! Although I cannot take credit for the mastermind behind this awesome crates, I did hang my little Carson Dellosa Owls in them! My former co-worker (who holds a special and dear place in my heart) son-in-law put these crates up the year before I came to work at Walnut Grove. They are PHENOMENAL!  I use them for the kids to store their bookbags in so that clutter is out of the room! Sending a high-five to him for his handiwork! I get a ton of emails and comments asking where I got those and how are they put together. Well.....

Here they are! They are just the normal crates from Walmart! (Matter of fact I saw them out last week!) I don't honestly know how Emily's husband mounted them to the wall but he is a genius and did! Each year all I have to do is dust them off and replace the name tags for the theme of the year!

I was just completely...utterly...flabbergasted that my little ole' cubby crates from a blog post 3 years old made a popular teaching list! The top 25! Wow...just wow!  Thank you to Buzzfeed and the author of the article Peggy Wang for including me!


  1. I love them! Did you end up spending a lot to get all the crates?

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