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Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Well, it's Friday again! Where did the week go? Do any of you other teacher ever feel summer flies after the 4th of July? I do. My husbands birthday is July 22nd and I always dread his birthday. That sounds horrible doesn't it? But I only dread it because I know I only have about 2-4 weeks left of vacation. Just depends on the school calendar. This year teachers go back August 12th and students return August 19th. When do you go back?

I am again linking up with The First Grade Parade for her Favorite Pins Friday! I hope to find some new bloggers through these linky parties I am participating in. This is the year I want to get my blog out there!! I also want to start creating units and items to sell. If you have any tips or ideas I'd love to hear from you!!

Favorite GIFTS for ME pins:

I have a pin board labeled GIFTS FOR ME. Yes, that may seem conceited. I consider it prime opportunity for my husband to view and buy me a little surprise or two. Ha!

 Monogrammed Rain Jacket. Uhm...LOVE. I do not have a rain jacket and I am on car rider duty EVERY DAY. I usually get soaked on rainy days. This would be FABULOUS to have. Plus who doesn't love coral and a monogram?

Chevron Teacher Bag. Chevron...that's the only word needed here. Every teacher has her "bag." The bag she carries everywhere yet still seems to stay in the car overnight when you bring it home. I mean not that I do that often or anything. I do NOT love the red color but would love to have this bag in either hot pink or turquoise/aqua color!

Favorite Teaching Pins:
We all know its inevitable that we'll get those 2 kids the week of school that roll in after phase-in days and parent night. Or those that transfer mid year. I found myself scrambling last year for extra beginning of year copies and items for the new child. THIS IS THE ANSWER to all my problems. My teammate shared this pin with me yesterday afternoon and I was so pumped!

Picture Books Linky Party. I've been following the picture book linky party on Bloglovin' lately. I love these books for the first 2 weeks of school. Last year our whole year was based around Pete the Cat. So excited he's coming out with several new books this year!

Favorite Foodie Pins:
I've always wanted to make popsicles or fruit bars. This recipe popped up on my feed the other day I thought YUM! They sound so refreshing. I am going to the grocery store today. These will be on my list!

Ok. I'm not a donut lover. "GASPS* But this was too cute not to pin. If I have another dessert party soon, these will be on my table!

Favorite My Style Pin:
I just love this.  Love the whole thing. I want this, desperately for school. Good for fall.spring.winter.

Favorite Crafty Pins:

Ok. Love. There's only one word for this. LOVE. I would do this in grey for my bedroom/bathroom remodel. Easy, easy craft. 

I want this wreath so bad for my door at school. I don't think I'd change a thing about this wreath except put an O where the J is. It screams my room all over it. Ahh..

I could sit here and tell you all about my favorite things all day. But im off to layout in my pool while its actually not raining in Alabama! Whoo hoo!!

Happy Friday All!!
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  1. Hi! I love your blog! I was a Pre-K teacher last year after graduating and loved your ideas! I also will be starting Kindergarten this year and I am excited to see what great ideas you will have! I myself am starting out in the blogging world and just did this linky as well today in hopes to find some new bloggers. Not so much to follow me but more for some ideas for a beginning teacher! I can't wait to start following your Pinterest! I am sure you will pin some great things! Have a great weekend!


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