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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Made-It & Monday Meet Me!

Happy Monday to all of you!
I am writing to you in my PJ's with coffee in hand at 9:00 a.m. ON A MONDAY.
Can I get an amen?
Coffee and PJ's at 9:00...I love summer.
Today I am linking up with 2 special blog linky parties!
Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics and Monday Meet Me with The Teaching Tribune.

First Up is Monday Meet Me:

This week we are giving three things we are thankful for:

Everyday I am just thankful. God's given me another day to live for him and teach his children.

My 2nd link up this morning is with Monday Made-It
I've been a painting machine this week. 
I am almost tired of painting.

This is an in the process made-it...
I love the banner that is hung in Maria Manore's Classroom from Kinder-Craze
See it here..on the bottom 

I am currently trying to make that out of paper and ribbon.
It may be a failed-it and not a made it.

Here's what I have been painting.

 The calculator is special order for a teacher at my school. 
The fishing bobber is for my friend's parent's lake house.
The popsicle was given to my friend Emily as part of her birthday gift. :)

Now...I didn't make this.
My bestie Lindsey painted this Watermelon for her front door.
The hubs cut it out for her and her hubs drew her watermelon seeds.
She did a FABULOUS job.
She's painting a mason jar for her momma next!

these are in the process of painting.
I shall be off to finish these.
maybe ill get my watermelon and mason jar painted today.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday.

Whew.. I made it to Friday!!!
Thought Friday would never come this week.
I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Here we go!

The hubs has been traveling with the David Freeman Worship band this week.
They had a youth camp in Missouri this week they led worship for.
Check them out. 
They're on iTunes & Spotify.
I'm quite partial since the hubs plays the bass, David is the hubs best friend, and I sing with David at church on Sundays.
Having hubby gone is lonely but I so am thankful for the gift and honor that he has to lead people to Jesus through this ministry.

I've been SUPER busy painting door hangers. Order and some for family.
Here's what I have done this week. 

Busy as a bee!

I worked in my room a little this week too. 
Monday and Tuesday for maybe a total of 3 hours combined.
Not a ton of time but I wanted to get some things up.
I purchased the Reading Street and Go Math Focus Wall packets from Khrys Bosland's TPT store last year and y'all....SHE ROCKS. Shout out to her.
Reading Focus Wall

Go Math Focus Wall...still needs one more pink puff!

View from the front door right...I added new lanterns from the ceiling.

I was introduced to Newk's Loaded Potato Soup this week.
Oh my.
Y'all. I've always loved O'Charley's loaded potato soup but this is SOOO MUCH BETTER.
And the potatoes aren't in french fry shape in the soup. 
They're actually potatoes in small potato form.

I will be back for that this winter.

and just for fun...
I bought new pants.
$5.00 at a store here we have called Dirt Cheap...
They are loud.
They are bright.
They look like Lily Pulitzer. 
But they were $5.
Me love.

Happy Friday Y'all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

It's Wednesday....well it is almost over by now, unfortunately.
I've had ZERO motivation to get on the blog train this week.
My routine has been thrown off.
The hubs is traveling at a summer camp leading worship.
Leaving my routine to be "off".
I've been busy this week.
I try to use the times he's gone to spend quality time with friends.
Have lunches, have coffee, do anything without little people busting in your conversation. :)
So I've been spent this week...mentally, physically, emotionally. my burst of energy..I decided to blog.
Today I am linking up with Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday.

So...I made my first big order from Really Good Stuff a week or so ago.
I've only bought 1 item from them before and fell in love. 
My classroom library is a HOT MESS.
When I say hot mess, I mean pieces of paper with chicken scratch as labels and bins that are falling apart - HOT MESS.
It's always bothered me.
It's like that piece of food in someone's teeth that just screams at you when that person smiles or opens their mouth!!!!
It stares at me...
Somedays I feel my sad library screams at me "HELP."
I don't know what books I own anymore and my kids have jumbled them up that I don't know if Dinosaurs, Transportation or Fancy Nancy are all together anymore.
Basically its my OCD/ORGANIZATIONAL nightmare.
Here is what my class library looked like ALL year.
Look at the bottom...Zoom in if you have too...
So one day I was blog hopping' and saw  Maria Manroe from Kinder-Craze had the most AMAZING classroom library.
I became library envious.
The classroom library/leveling labels she has made instantly were on my wish list and I was thinking of ways to save my cash to order those AWESOME book bins.
This summer my mom and mother-in-law graciously donated to my room and purchased me new book bins and boxes.
And look what arrived yesterday...
I am in teacher heaven.
Now to wait for TPT sale to get the labels and print them!
I can't wait to unpack and show you what all is in there! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Meet Up- Changing it up!

Today was a productive Monday...
More about that later..

Today I am changing pace...
*surprised face*
Instead of Monday Made-it Link up....Im' trying Monday Meet Me!
Monday Meet Me is hosted by The Teaching Tribune!
Check out her blog! *fab*

Here are 3 Random Facts you may or may not know about me!

I know I'll get a lot of flack for the dislike of chocolate.
I do love an occasional Butterfinger or Milky Way.....but white chocolate is WAY better.
If you don't believe me...go to Melting Pot and have their White Chocolate Creme Brulé Fondue.
You're tastebuds will be forever changed.
And you can then thank me.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five For Friday ~ June 20th!

Happy Friday AGAIN! 
I love Fridays.
Don't you?
Especially summer Fridays.

Today I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday

It's been a week...

Thanks to last week's Five for Friday....I am currently addicted to Two Dots
Doodle Bugs Teaching posted last week about how someone got her addicted to TWO DOTS.
Of course I had to see what this game was...I love me a puzzle game.
I fell to the addiction of the little dots and trying to get square after square to complete a level.
And then...
Sunday night I told all my worship team people about it..
And now they are blaming me for their new game obsession.

 The hubs help me cut out more door hangers this week. 
I still have to cut out an owl, pacifier, a flag and a fishing bobbin.

There are 2 elephants, a mason jar, a pencil and a firework.
I am painting today.
I will post pictures soon of the finished door hangers.

I went to the teaching store this week. 
I was motivated by some pins on Pinterest to finally purchase the items to make a window scene on my side wall of my classroom.
You can't go into the teaching store without coming out with a basket full of stuff.
Or is that just me?
I love clearance too....
These were all on clearance.

Happy Happy Happy!

And I buying new lanterns and pom poms for my room.
Hello new decor!

Last week I broke down and ordered an Erin Condren lesson planner.
I've been eyeballing them for a YEAR. 
So.... I ordered one last week. 
I looked outside yesterday and there sat this bright purple box and I may or may not have squealed when I saw it!
When I opened the box I was in love with my new planner!
I can't wait to use it!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pinspired Thursday!

I had a goal of blogging everyday this week.
Yesterday, I failed.
I had to go to school yesterday to complete some PRE-K summer assessments.
Going to school threw my whole summer schedule off! BLAH!

My school called last week saying my room was ready and asked if I wanted to come work....
WORK? WORK??? DID YOU SAY WORK in my messy, stacked up, piled up, tornado scene room.
This is the first summer I came home without ANYTHING in my hands to finish, file, sort or complete.....
My mind is so far off from school that I about fell out in the floor when our sweet bookkeeper asked me that question!
I wanted to shout NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 
But I decided I could work a little yesterday and Monday since I have to be there anyways.
I only stayed 2 hours and my room is somewhat still messy, stacked up, piled up summer looking!
But I accomplished a little and that made me feel good!
So good that I went to our local teacher store and spent $$$ on new stuff for next year.
Us teachers just can't ever REALLY get away from our love of teaching stuff.

But today I wanted to link up with Just A Primary Girl for her Pinspired Thursday!

First off my list has nothing to do with teaching. 
Our dinner.
Our dinner tonight is brought to you by Six Sister's Stuff Blog.
When I'm home in the summer I LOVE to cook.
But the fridge is down to one package of chicken breasts, a few odds and ends and a small amount of coffee creamer for tomorrow's coffee. 
I have off to go to the store...but I am un-motivated. 
I have no meal plan ready, therefore ol' Pinterest inspired my "half" cooking tonight.
Click on the link above to pin it!
Hopefully with a little home-fries these little sliders will make the hubby happy.

I am currently obsessed with chalkboards. 
Chalk paint, chalk wall decals, anything....
I've got a huge chalkboard window in my living room that I keep eyeing to put a bible verse or saying on. 
I just can't think of what.
But I am wanting some chalk wall decals for my classroom this year..
How fabulous would these be???

Or these???

I LOVE School Girl Style..
I want this Rainbow Chalkboard set she currently has for purchase.

I especially want it for this banner but to put my name Mrs. Olson on it.

Like Maria at Kinder-Craze has in her room.
I am in AWE of her room.
I want to be a kid in her classroom.

My third pin is about COFFEE..
I love coffee.
Especially Starbucks Frappuccinos in the summer.
My friend Amanda just recently sent this pin to me.
I about died of excitement.
Look at the endless combinations!
Can't wait to try the Radioactive Pink.

My fourth and final pin today is my most re-pinned pin.
Does that make sense?
This picture from my room my first year of teaching has been repined A LOT. 
I get lots of comments and emails about the famous bright crate cubbies.
I still love them.
They are one of a kind!
They were even featured in an article on BuzzFeed titled "25 Clever Classroom Tips for Elementary Teachers."

Happy Thursday!
My pool is calling my name!