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Friday, June 13, 2014

Five For Friday!

Wahoo- It's Friday!

But for all my teachers....doesn't this describe us?
Even though during summer everyday feels like Friday to me!

Today I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for her Five for Friday Linky Party!

Monday the hubs, Daddy-O and I took a field trip to Home Depot. We got a piece of plywood for our couples crafting. I can't afford to keep paying $50-$60 for these AWESOMELY cute door hangers. Sooooo....Therefore, hubs and I are going to start putting our new jigsaw to use and cut out some door hangers this weekend. Let the painting begin...
Made a little trip to Michael's yesterday to re-stock my paints & brushes for my crafting!


It's rained. ALL week here. Actually for the past 2 weeks. BLEH. There's been a little sunshine for me to get out and lay in my beach chair. I'm not a HUGE reader. ***SHOCKER*** <insert your stunned face> I know what you're thinking, a teacher who isn't much of a reader??? Say WHAT?
I struggle with reading comprehension so it takes me forever to read a book. I have to stop and re-read several times. Because of that, I have a hard time reading long books and them keeping me interested. Over the past 2 weeks I've tried to sit down occasionally and read this book I purchased mid-way through the school year. I had one of those years where I felt like I could unglued at the drop of a hat. This book has been a great read. Lysa Terkeurst shares some funny stories and helpful hints about how to contain your feelings and prevent those unglued moments in life :)
I hope to read an Emily Griffin book or something of a more "fun" summer read!

My #3 is a few of my favorites this week.
Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee. Vanilla is my favorite. 

Favorite New Candle: White Barn Watermelon Lemonade
Smells SO fabulous
Favorite New Newbie- Dry Shampoo. Where has this stuff been all my life.
Refreshed hair without washing it! :)

Time with friends! I am loving this week and SUMMER. I get to spend time with friends, grab coffee with friends at ANY time of the day, and eat ice cream with friends after 8 pm!
My friend Amanda and I indulged in the new Starbucks Caramel Brûlée Crunch Frappucino yesterday.

It was so nice having friend time! She's preparing for baby Rylee's arrival in 7 weeks. Can't wait to be an Aunt E again!!!

 Out in our little small town we recently got a Frozen Yogurt place! It the BEST. 
The hubs and I have frequently visited the Chill Factory over the past few weeks and last night we introduced our "FRANDS" <inside joke> to Chill Factory. My bestie Lindsey is just like me and loves ice cream. It was a 2 thumbs up and a Daniel Bryan wrestling "YES" from the husbands.

My current obsession this summer break is organizing and fixing up my Pinterest boards.
Yes it's true. I'm addicted to Pinterest.
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Happy Friday!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog! In fact, your #1 has made me want to creep your blog to find out about these door hangers! And I'm actually a little excited about that Dry Shampoo from Pantene - I hope I can find it in my drug store! I use baby powder, but it leaves a white residue sometimes that I'm not very fond of! :)
    The Purple Teacher

    1. Please do creep on my blog!!! My social media links to follow me are being updated! Going through a blogging facelift. I will be taking pictures while we have the door hanger process. Keep in touch! If you like one I can make it and mail it to you

  2. You have such a cute blog! Now I'm wanting to head to Starbucks too!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Can't wait to check out and follow your blog!

  3. Looove dry shampoo..although I really only use it to refresh if we're doing something in the evening. I just can't go without washing! Kenra makes a fabulous dry shampoo :)

    Mrs. Masters’ Kinder Love

    1. Amber! I just recently discovered it. It was a freebie with my shampoo purchase. I was just lounging around the house yesterday and didn't want to fully wash my hair and it was amazing! I'll definitely be using it as a refresher! Thanks for the tip on KENRA. I love her line of hair spray!

  4. Door hangers - can't wait to see them
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

    1. Paula! We cut out our first door hanger yesterday! I am painting now!

  5. One of my teacher friends just convinced me to try out washing my hair only every other day. I think I'm going to be in need of some dry shampoo if this is going to continue! Glad for the rec. And the watermelon lemonade candle sounds wonderful! If you are interested, I'm hosting Sell It Saturdays today at my blog. I'd love for you to link up!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

    1. Kristin... I found my hair is breaking due to washing, drying and straightening everyday. Therefore, these summer days when I am just at home all day I thought I'd try it out. I really liked it. It didn't feel gritty or dirty. Bath and Body Works is having a sale right now!! The candles were 50% off!! I'd love to link up! Thanks for the invite!!

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