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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Talk About Books!- Linky Party

Happy Tuesday!
Tuesday means a great linky party from Deanna Jump over at Mrs. Jump's Class
Today's linky is all about books!

I love books. Mostly little people books.
 I have a hard time reading big people books. 
They're too long and too hard to comprehend at times.
Little people books hold a special place in my heart.

I have TONS of favorites. 
So many I wish I could share 10 books per post...but then I would bore you and you'd be asleep halfway through this post! :)

Today I want to share a book by my all time favorite author and illustrator Eric Carle. 
A House for Hermit Crab

You're probably wondering why this book ....
Well....I love this book for several reasons.
It teaches:
1. feelings
2. giving
3. sequencing
4. months of the year

I love to read this book when I am doing my end of the year Eric Carle unit and book project, but it is a GREAT read for the beginning of school. 
*especially for beginning kinder babies*

Here's why...

1. Feelings- I love to read this book when school is just beginning and have the kids think about how the crab felt when he first stepped out on the big ocean floor after leaving his shell behind. 
A new place, a new world and a new journey.
Just like their new school, new classroom and new year!
We compare our feelings to the crabs feelings.

2. Giving- This book is great to teach about generosity.
Of course when you use the word generosity with 5 year olds they look at you and say "n-er-osity"? What is that?
SO...we get our first SPICY word of the year and I explain how generosity means being kind to others and giving to others.
We talk about how the crab picks up all these ocean friends along the way, adding them to his shell home one by one. 
Caring for them and being their friend.
Then when he outgrows his decorated shell, he passes it along to another crab in need.
This opens up their little minds and the hands start shooting up.
"Would that be like if I had a toy I don't use anymore, I could give it to someone who could use it?"
"Would that be like sharing a sandwich if my friend didn't have anything to eat?"
"My mom takes my old clothes I have grown out of and donates them to others who need clothes."
And they are five. 
I wish I had understood giving like that when I was five.
The book really helps them relate to the idea of being a giving and generous person.

3. Sequencing- LOVE this book to teach sequencing.
After we read the story, we go back and discuss the order in which the hermit crab decorated his shell.
We talk about which sea creature was first, second, third, etc.

4. Months of the Year- the sequencing activity allows us to incorporate the months of the year.
We talk about how the months are in sequential order and how with each new month the hermit crab adds a new decoration. 
We talk about the cycle of a year and how many months & days that would be. 
Nothing like incorporating a little math into literacy too! 

When I am doing my end of the year Eric Carle Author Study we make a page for our book.
Below is a picture of the page we make to represent A House for Hermit Crab. 

We cut out our hermit crab and shell and glue him down first.
Then I staple the waves on the side.

The waves open up to a calendar. On the calendar the student draws the sea creature or event that happened on that month in the story. 
Some children get really elaborate. Others scribble :)

*This idea for an Eric Carle book was from a colleague of mine who taught Kindergarten for a few years before moving to 5th. Her Kinder's decorated the shell with random objects and things for a more realistic image of the decorated shell. She obviously had more time than I did this year! :) Special thanks to her!*

Love this story. 
Hope you do as well!


  1. Lot's of great ideas. Pinned to my Eric Carle Board!
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

    1. Thank you Jayne!!! Hope you get to use that this next year!


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