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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pinspired Thursday!

I had a goal of blogging everyday this week.
Yesterday, I failed.
I had to go to school yesterday to complete some PRE-K summer assessments.
Going to school threw my whole summer schedule off! BLAH!

My school called last week saying my room was ready and asked if I wanted to come work....
WORK? WORK??? DID YOU SAY WORK in my messy, stacked up, piled up, tornado scene room.
This is the first summer I came home without ANYTHING in my hands to finish, file, sort or complete.....
My mind is so far off from school that I about fell out in the floor when our sweet bookkeeper asked me that question!
I wanted to shout NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 
But I decided I could work a little yesterday and Monday since I have to be there anyways.
I only stayed 2 hours and my room is somewhat still messy, stacked up, piled up summer looking!
But I accomplished a little and that made me feel good!
So good that I went to our local teacher store and spent $$$ on new stuff for next year.
Us teachers just can't ever REALLY get away from our love of teaching stuff.

But today I wanted to link up with Just A Primary Girl for her Pinspired Thursday!

First off my list has nothing to do with teaching. 
Our dinner.
Our dinner tonight is brought to you by Six Sister's Stuff Blog.
When I'm home in the summer I LOVE to cook.
But the fridge is down to one package of chicken breasts, a few odds and ends and a small amount of coffee creamer for tomorrow's coffee. 
I have off to go to the store...but I am un-motivated. 
I have no meal plan ready, therefore ol' Pinterest inspired my "half" cooking tonight.
Click on the link above to pin it!
Hopefully with a little home-fries these little sliders will make the hubby happy.

I am currently obsessed with chalkboards. 
Chalk paint, chalk wall decals, anything....
I've got a huge chalkboard window in my living room that I keep eyeing to put a bible verse or saying on. 
I just can't think of what.
But I am wanting some chalk wall decals for my classroom this year..
How fabulous would these be???

Or these???

I LOVE School Girl Style..
I want this Rainbow Chalkboard set she currently has for purchase.

I especially want it for this banner but to put my name Mrs. Olson on it.

Like Maria at Kinder-Craze has in her room.
I am in AWE of her room.
I want to be a kid in her classroom.

My third pin is about COFFEE..
I love coffee.
Especially Starbucks Frappuccinos in the summer.
My friend Amanda just recently sent this pin to me.
I about died of excitement.
Look at the endless combinations!
Can't wait to try the Radioactive Pink.

My fourth and final pin today is my most re-pinned pin.
Does that make sense?
This picture from my room my first year of teaching has been repined A LOT. 
I get lots of comments and emails about the famous bright crate cubbies.
I still love them.
They are one of a kind!
They were even featured in an article on BuzzFeed titled "25 Clever Classroom Tips for Elementary Teachers."

Happy Thursday!
My pool is calling my name!


  1. So fun!! I had that cubbie pinned!! Where did you get the purple and blue plastic containers above your counter???? So fab!! Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Ahh! How neat!!! The Purple and blue plastic containers were purchased from Office Depot! They were about $6 a box on our bid list. I think in store they are about $10 but worth every penny!!!


  2. Oh man I love the chalkboard banner!

    Starbucks is manna from the heavens haha

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  3. Omg I droll over everything Kinder Craze and School Girl Style. Can they just go ahead and come decorate my room for me? Okay cool. Love the crates!

    Cute in the Classroom

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