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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Classroom Reveal

The long awaited...most anticipated blog post of all.
I've had so many questions and comments on my room reveal 4 years ago with my cubby crates.
This year....I feel like I love my room even more. 
It was time consuming this year. 
I was UN-MOTIVATED to go up to my room till mid July.
*SLACKER* I know. 
I wanted to enjoy summer and all the fun of it without room decoration stress.
But the stress hit when I wasn't ready 2 hours before parent night....AHHH..
Have you ever been there?

My room is still a work in progress. Each day we add a new little element to our room.
Artwork, Exit Slips, Creativity..and the list goes on.
Here's a sneak peak into my home away from home.

Here's the infamous process...SET UP...
Now most of my room was left up from last year, however....I'm that person who can't leave it the same each year. A few things have to move around.
Our friends Ryan and Lindsey came after work one night and helped me put up my outer wall decorations and some decor inside the classroom. Bless them..they stayed till after 9 but we KILLED it.

Our theme this year was carnival! We had our burlap border up last year and managed to salvage it and repurpose it for this years theme. LOVE this.

Our birthday board sits outside my "front door" as I call it. I have 2 entrances to my room. It obviously is filled with popcorn pieces with my littles birthdays on it now!
Here are my computers. I had to jazz up the boring table with a sparkly curtain found on clearance at Hobby Lobby!! 
This is the view of the room from
My desk in the back corner. We have since added crafts, super star work, exit slips and all kinds of kid made artwork to our walls. 

The infamous teacher table- the kidney bean table or small group table. We are here quite often in the day. I pull kids for interventions, reading small group, math small group and DIBELS progress monitoring here. My kids seem to love the crate seats this year and are taking good care of them!
Here's my window wall as I like to call it. Unfortunately my room has no windows. NONE. So in order to bring a little cheer and outside in, I bought SchoolGirl style's silhouette kids and made a window scene on the wall. Everyone who has come in is just like WOW, when they see it's a window of kids. 

We got new tables this year. LOVE THEM. Every little has their own place and their own spot and it's fabulous. No more crowding at the tables!!
Here's my back white board. On the right are our rainbow rewards. If the kids compete their center work and follow the rules during reading and math each day they can earn 2 suckers on their chart. When they reach 5 they get a new rainbow peice. Once they build their whole rainbow, they get a rewards coupon band get to start rebuilding for a new rainbow prize! To the left of that are the hand signals we use and the step picture directions when making big crafts!  As you can see our color bugs are on top on the board. 
Here is my little area. The area I never see. On the wall is where I keep all of my important papers and my calendar. Here in the 2 rainbow carts I keep center supplies on the left cart and all of my weekly papers and copies in the rainbow cart in the right. My little area I never see....At least it's organized.
New reading corner. Animals, books and a couch. A kids dream! 
View of the back wall of the room. On the white board we have our calendar and teachers pet. Our teachers pet is the helper of the day. Then we have our GoMath focus wall and organized library!!
Here's my unseen area again. My desl! 
This is my Scott Foresman Reading Street focus wall and our center rotation charts. Under in the shelf are hands on toys and manipulatives. 
This is a closer look at my newly organized classroom library. Special thanks to Really Good Stuff for selling amazing products! And for Kinder-Craze for making classroom library  labels. 
These are my new curtains I made this year. All of my stuff is organized but it just now isn't all out in the open looking messy! Happy dots!!! 
Here's one side of the countertop. We keep our journals and interactive notebooks organized back here and on too of the shelf are our Julie Lee center activities organized by weeks! 

Another random picture of my wall beside my desk. This stayed the same from last year.
Here are my popular crates. They are our outside cubbies. Everyone has asked and emailed about these crates. They are the crates from Walmart that come out around school time. They are mounted on the wall but could be Zip tied together too. I also use these same crates for my crate seats in my room.
Here is the last part of my clasroom. My themed popcorn door tying up our carnival theme in the hallway. 

If you want it to the end bless you. I hope you like my room :) it's my happy place! 


  1. Fabulous Elizabeth! Everything looks great!!

    1. Thank you!!! Those are your direction signs on my white board! I am going back and linking everyone's products to their TPT shop. I was on my phone and it wouldn't allow me to link~

      Thank you for all the wonderful products you make to make others classrooms look great!

  2. It looks so adorable Elizabeth. I especially love your turquoise bulletin board. Gorgeous.
    Ms. K/1 ELL
    A Teacher's Plan

    1. Thank you Melissa.
      PS...Did you email me about the door hanger and I missed it?

  3. I can't remember if I emailed or not. Wasn't sure if you were ready with back to school. But I'm ready when you are. I'll send an email today for sure.

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  5. Where could I purchase your reading focus wall labels?

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