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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Sunday Scoop

Hello! It's me again! 
I just found a new link party and wanted to tell all my bloggers hello by joining in on the fun!
This Sunday linky comes from Teaching Trio called The Sunday Scoop!

Here's my Sunday Scoop for you!

Guess I better get to working! :)


  1. Love that you find the time to lead praise and worship! Such a gift to others. Thanks for linking with us!
    Tech Crazy Teacher
    Teaching Trio

  2. Hi there! Your blog title is too cute! Who doesn't like crafting and coffee?? The great ink struggle =( I had that all summer and it never goes away with all the products that I purchase and find at TpT. Sometimes I tell myself that I shouldn't even log on the site so I am not tempted, but everything I find is SO Awesome!!! I went through 7 colored ink cartridges from July-September. So Sad!
    A LoveLi Class

  3. Hey there!

    I guess, I also need to work on my wedding scrap book -- it's already two years behind!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, here's the link on how to do it.

    Have a great day ahead!

    ♥ ♥ rachel ♥ ♥
    Teaching Melodies
    At the Other Side of Me

  4. What a fun linky! I'm a procrastinator too! 😉

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